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So, what is this Strategy and Authority?

There are four different design types in Human Design and each of them come with their own strategy.
We also all have our own inner authority, which we can always rely on in our decision making. 

You can get your personal report free from here
You'll need accurate birth data for accurate report.
It will give you a bunch of information but just to start with, make a note of your type (determines your strategy) and authority. 
These are the key things to show you how you can navigate this life through your body's intelligence and get to live your own uniqueness.


Generator strategy is wait to respond. What does that mean? 

I am a generator. I am here to use my energy, working on things that bring me satisfaction and joy and re-generate my energy. Generators are the life force of this planet. We are here to generate life and build things that bring us satisfaction. BUT... we cannot get that by initiating. I’m not here to chase my conditioned mind made goals and desires or try to push myself on to other people. If I try to do that, I am faced with limitation, frustration, energy depletion and eventually feeling stuck. My strategy as a generator is to wait to respond. It’s about waiting to respond to life as it comes towards me. That means waiting for things and people to come to me and engage my energy or not depending my body’s energy levels in that moment.

All generators work on the principle that they either have the energy to do something, or not. . It's that UH-HUH response that rises from the body, or the "meh" kind of flatness when there's no real juice to do something. This energy has nothing to do with the mind. The mind will always try to put it's agendas forward (which are based on conditioning) and overwrite the body's true response.


Reflectors are very rare.

They are like graceful wild horses just taking in their environment, reflecting the nature and the people they are surrounded by. It is so important for a reflector to be in a correct environment. If it doesn't feel right, they need to find a place that does.

The reflectors strategy is always to wait for a whole moon cycle (28 days) before making any decicions. The moon is also always their authority.


Projector strategy is to wait for invitation. 

Projectors are the guides of humanity. They are not here to work. They have the potential to see the other people very clearly and this is why they can act as an adviser or a guide (especially for generators). I don't mean that they are here to tell us what to do. I mean that they can help us pay attention to things we can't always see ourselves. And this is how they can guide us in our path of self discovery. 

They are here to become wise about not getting caught in the generator game of using energy to work, but to recognise when enough is enough, and learn to know themselves through the other. But they are also here to wait to be invited to share their seeing and not push themselves on to others. When they try to do this, they will get resistance if they're not being invited and that resistance leads to deep feelings of bitterness. If a projector waits to be invited, they have the potential to get recognised for their seeing and guidance, and this is the sign for projectors that they're navigating this life correctly.

How a projector decides whether to accept invitation or not, depends on their individual authority. For a projector the authority can vary based on their design (emotional / splenic / ego-projected /self-projected /mental but NEVER sacral). 


Manifestor strategy is to inform.

That means that they are here to initiate, to make things happen, to start things. It is the only type that can do this. And they do this naturally if operating correctly. The way to eliminate resistance in life which often causes anger in manifestors, is to inform others of what they're about to do. 

I like a metaphor of a train.
Manifestor is like a charismatic, strong steam train. It just keeps going where it's going and if people get in their way, they get run over and then it can cause sadness, confusion, resistance and eventually anger. If the manifestor informs, like the train when it whistles, the people have a change to get out of the way and manifestor gets to go on in the tracks in without resistance, in peace.

How the manifestor initiates also depends on the decisions they make from their inner authority (emotional / splenic / ego). Like projectors, their authority cannot be sacral.