Living Your Design single sessions £ By Donations
An introduction to your unique design based on your birth date, time and place. 
Explanation of your type, strategy and inner authority for decision making.

Alternatively, a follow up on your initial reading. 
Answers to any questions that may arise and further look into your design as you progress on your experiment.

Living Your Design Courses £ Ask for details
This course is available to anyone who is interested in Human Design.
It can be delivered on 1 to 1 basis and it consists of 4 sessions of approximately 1 - 2 hours each.
It is also available as a two day workshop for small groups.

This course teaches you about the type, strategy, inner authority, defined and undefined centers and profile.
It will also help you understand yourself and others; how they impact your life and how you impact theirs.

Introductory talks for groups
We are open to give an overview 
of Human Design to larger groups.
 Feel free to get in touch.


Open to receive queries via email.
Individual sessions can be done face to face or over skype.
Available in English, Finnish, Romanian and French.

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We are based in Morley, West Yorkshire

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